Superior driving and passenger comfort

Travelling in a Volvo coach means that your passengers are taken care of. It is our genuine dedication to provide a safe and secure journey in comfortable and pleasant interiors, under a protective structure, with optimized performance, better seat belts and world-leading active systems for driver assistance. With our coaches, we offer you the chance to travel in Volvo safety.

Travelling by bus and coach is the safest form of road transport, 10 times safer than going by car and when you're seated in a Volvo coach, you know you are riding one of the safest coaches in the world. Our coaches feature a range of pioneering safety innovations. For example: the Collision Warning with Emergency Brake system is an advanced driver support system that exceeds not only incoming but also future legal demands.

Euro 6

Volvo B8R

Supreme cost-efficiency.

Volvo B11R
Volvo B11R

A platform for perfection.

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Volvo Buses

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